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Independent Lab Results Prove PURE5 R134a Extraction Creates Industry-Leading Hemp Oils

A flask with cannabidiol oil in the hand of a scientist with hemp plant on background.
Dr. George Stantchev, PhD
Dr. George Stantchev, PhD

Holds a PhD & MS in Electromagnetics & Electrical Engineering Technology

PURE5TM shares independent, third-party lab results of its extracts and is ready to compare to those created by other extraction technologies. The results prove that the PURE5 R134a extraction technology creates a far more superior extract that can be produced quickly, while achieving higher yield at a lower operations cost compared to other extraction techniques currently in use and in particular utilizing CO2 and Ethanol as solvents. 

Below is an image of an extract achieved with PURE5TM equipment operated in safer, room temperature PBXTM process with food grade solvent.

Just extracted pure terpene CBD oil

Since the PBXTM process delivers pure hemp oil without waxes and solids, the extract is ready to be used in food grade products without any post processing. While in other technologies multiple stages of post processing is required. 

Below are some highlights of the lab reports of different strains using PURE5TM machines utilizing the PBXTM process.

Extraction of hemp flower: White Fire, yield 26.28%, corresponding to plant’s 25.91% target components:

TypeStarting PlantExtractExhaust Plant
Total C%25.85%82.06%2.56%
Total T%0.06%2.18%0.02%

You may notice that if 25.91% is the total T+C potency in the plant, the yield will be matching the potency, with that said PURE5TM equipment can strip down completely the target components and further separate them if desired.

“The independent lab results prove that our extracts are far superior and can be produced quicker, while achieving a higher yield at a lower cost compared to our competitors,” said Dr. George Stantchev, the technology’s inventor and CEO of PURE5.  “The response we’ve received from the hemp industry has been overwhelmingly positive even before these results became public, and now that they’re out we expect the PBXTM (Pure Botanical Extraction) process to quickly become the new industry standard.” 

The extraction devices, sold under the trademark PURE5TM use the patented PBXTM process. For a background, originating from essential oil and flavor industry, PURE5TM technology gets its name for delivering superior extracts challenging all five senses:

  • Sight: The light color and clear appearance of the extract is more visually apparent and pleasing to the naked eye
  • Touch: Smooth and oily texture with no by-products in the final extract
  • Taste: A concentrated, unadulterated flavor unique to the natural botanics
  • Smell:  An aroma bouquet that completely preserves the natural plant scent
  • Sound: The process is safer, quieter and more efficient 

COMERG developed its Liquefied Gas Extraction Technology in 2004 for food, pharmacy, and perfumery products, back in 2015 found that overwhelming interest has been coming from the hemp industry, due to its pure and potent extracts. Since 2015 under the trademark PURE5TM there have been multiple equipment sizes available starting from 20L to 1000L vessels corresponding to extractions up to 8000lb/day. The machine is a game-changer because it uses room temperature to process the material, takes a fraction of the energy as its CO2 competitors, can handle fragile natural ingredients no degradation and the process does not produce bi-products.


COMERG is the most innovative extraction company, we design and manufacture cost and process optimized extraction systems and applicable post processing stages targeting specific end products. COMERGTM builds equipment utilizing various solvents as R134a, Ethanol, SHW, Steam and Hexane and is committed to offer the fastest, safest and most economical extraction PURE5TM equipment for CBD/THC space and the PBXTM process is known to deliver highly potent oils preserving the original plant vitality.

For inquiries contact:

George Stantchev, CEO

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