How are we unique?

Our Unique And Completely Safe Extraction Method

Our botanicals extraction technologies are implemented as state of the art fully closed loop continuous extraction systems designed for human safety, process efficiency and cost optimization, and high quality extracts.  Due to the low, room-temperature (75F) extraction, R134a provides an undamaged terpene profile with superior characteristics of flavor and aroma and meets both ISO standards of oil and absolute. 

Our single-pass extracts are perfect for creating final products without a need for any additional processing or use of chemicals. That allows you to create unique marketing proposition as there is no better and truly natural oil on the market. It is perfect for soft gels, tinctures, topicals, food products, spa products, vape pens, etc. Our unique technology allows us to extract Live Resin, single-pass extract from the raw material with great terpene and cannabinoids profile preserved in their acid form. Terpes have very unique properties and applications and are extremely hard to capture unaltered in their natural state which is where we are unique.  

R134a has been known to the pharma, fragrance and flavor industry for over 20 years.  A detailed Notice of GRAS Exemption for R134a as an extraction solvent was submitted to the FDA in 2001.  R134a is widely used as the propellant in inhaler pharma products (for example, to treat asthma).  A 1996 report from the National Research Council (NRC), "Toxicity of Alternatives to Chlorofluorocarbons", states that 40,000 ppm of tetrafluoroethane (i.e. 4%) has no effect on human health.  In comparison, 4% CO2 in the air will cause headaches and 8% can result in the victim being brain dead in 4 minutes.  Butane and propane are flammable in 6% concentration and can lead to explosion.  R134a is extremely safe non-volatile, non-toxic and safe, check the safety data sheet from National Refrigerants.  The boiling point of R134a is -30C, which makes it very easy to remove from an extract with boiling point of 130C-185C. That is why the residue is not an issue with this solvent compared to butane with boiling point 5C and alcohol 60C.

The Tetrafluoroethene is approved by FDA and recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) since 2001.