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Products made with naturally pure, raw, unaltered by heat, strain specific live resin with preserved health benefits

Our PURE5™ technology is an industry exclusive

Our patented PURE5™ process is the state of art exclusive way to gently extract oils, flavors, and scents out of organic US grown СВD while keeping the natural flower potency.

All Pure For Life products are made from true full spectrum oils maintaining all natural botanical benefits of the original plant, undamaged and unaltered by heat or chemicals. We stay committed to your wellbeing with the purest gifts of nature.

Buy Natural plant based remedies, Skin Care, Fast Pain Relief Products Online USA

Four reasons to choose Pure For Life:

reason 1st - Pure For Life cannabis products are Pure natural, strain-specific, non-GMO BD Extract cultivated in the US

Pure natural, strain specific, no-GMO US grown СВD Extract

Reason 2nd Pure For Life cbd cosmetics only utilize oils that have been gently extracted and maintain their natural power.

We use only gently extracted oils with preserved natures potency

Reason 3rd in every Pure For Life cannabidiol product, there are effects that act more quickly and remain longer.

Effects that act faster and last longer in every single Pure For Life product

Reason 4th true entourage effect is delivered by an entirely natural full spectrum profile for our cannabis products

Pure natural full spectrum profile delivering true entourage effect

Full Spectrum
CBD Products

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Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Let's help you find a solution:

New to Essential Oils

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If you are still deciding whether CBD products are the right choice for your health, we definitely can help.

For Family Wellbeing

CBD skin care and other products associated with the healing and well being of each person in the family

If you’re looking for CBD products with wide application for your whole family, we have some recommendations.

For Targeted Remedies

Cannabidiol products and oils for targeted people that need pain relief, discomfort, insomnia and many more - CBD can heal it all !

If you’re in need of relief for a health condition or simply taking preventive precautions, we have options for you.

What our customers say:

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No Artificial Additives

Manufactured in FDA/CDPHE certified facility without use of artificial flavors or colors. Each batch is inspected and tested for contaminations.

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100% Natural

All our products are made of the finest extracts obtained by gently extracted plants using natural extraction process which preserves the original plant potency.

a banner with circle shape stating that almost all of our Products are only USA made. Only a small part of our cannabidiol cosmetics are sourced soursed of U.S.

USA Made

All our products are manufactured from hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado, USA, GMO-free, pesticides free  with natural sub-products of highest quality.

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Fast delivery

All orders are completed and shipped the same day if received by 10am. We use standard flat rate shipping with US common carriers as FedEx and USPS.

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Money guarantee

We want you to feel completely confident with your purchase as your satisfaction is our key priority. let us know what you think about our products.

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Online support

Please submit your request to or call 602-666-6146 to speak to our Customer Care representative. We work for you!

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Money Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our key priority

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