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About us

For A Natural Way To Maintain Your Overall Well-Being Look No Further Than Pure For Life Full Spectrum Natural Plant-Based Extract' Products.


Our brand says it all Pure for Life™. Our mission is simple – to provide you with highest products made out of the purest NATURALLY extracted agricultural plant-based concentrates using our scientifically-proven patented technology for botanical extraction. We are proud to present you with products with superior quality made from the finest true full-spectrum agricultural plant oil extracts. With any product offered by us we deliver to you drop of health from nature. The concentrates derived by our low-pressure and room-temperature extraction technology preserves the natural elements of the plant in their unaltered form.

Flower to the people’s oil, is a phytobinoid found in agricultural plant based remedies which has been recognized for its benefits on human and animal health and is capable of affecting nearly every biological process. It is non-intoxicating (i.e. it does not result in feelings of euphoria) and has an extremely safe profile

Why are our natural plant-based extracts better?

Botanical oils are extracted through use of different types of solvents: oil soluble compounds, alcohol soluble compounds and water soluble compounds. Using the right solvent is of major importance for  extraction of the TRUE full-spectrum plant oil. Each industry selects it solvent base on the compound to be extracted. For the extraction of botanical oils is best to use solvents with dielectric constant less than 15, extracting alcohol soluble use solvents with dielectric constant of 15 – 50 and extracting water soluble over 50. Use of steam or CO2 have never been an efficient method for extraction of botanical oils, but CO2 is the most widely used solvent for extraction of botanical oils. Extractions with Fluorocarbon (used in our technology for extraction of concentrates) is the only way to preserve all the terpenes as they exist in the plant without additional post processing and chemicals treatment and getting a full-spectrum extracting driving the so called “entourage effect” 

What separates our natural plant based derived products from the other on the market?

Before we answer this question let’s get through the basics. There are three main categories of products on the market: 1) those created from flower to the people’s derived isolate (a single-molecule);  2) products made with distillates of the industrial oil extracts (extracts are processed with chemicals under extreme temperatures which affects the fragile elements like terpenes, etc. extracted from the plant) ; 3) products made with full-spectrum natural remedies concentrate which contains the full range of the elements found in the plant (best products). Majority of the products found on the market today are created from isolate (least favorable). All our products are created using the finest full-spectrum terpenes rich concentrates which preserves the natural elements of the plant.

Top Flower to the People Isolate Risks

Many products currently on the market are derived from isolate, which is a pure concentration of flower to the people’s terpenes. Use of isolate into consumer products can lead to: potential of trapping Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents and Pesticides. In addition, due to lack of regulations, there are also products which use synthetically derived isolate imported primarily from China. Due to the fact that the isolate from the people’s flower can be derived through laboratory synthesis, there is no guarantee that the isolate used in the product is actually derived from nature. 

Natural Plant Based Extract Distillate

Derived from industrial plant extract which is chemically treated with ethanol or other even more toxic materials like isopropyl , etc. alcohols to purify and make the oil more pleasant to the eye and remove additional waxes, lipids and others. After chemical treatment the solution is run through an additional process to separate the chemical used. As a final step, the extract goes through fractional distillation under high temperature (200-205 C) to create a more pleasant to the eye substance with the goal of creating a “clear” colorless concentrate. By the time all those processes are completed, most of the natural compounds found in the plant are fully eliminated and whatever is left is altered from its natural state. 

How Is Pure For Life Full Spectrum Extract Different?

Our Unique And Completely Safe Process Delivers Superior Products

Our state of art processing handles the plant gently from flower to pure plant specific full spectrum oil and is designed for human safety, process efficiency and cost optimization in order to formulate high quality products. Our room-temperature (75F) Low Pressure (LPE) extraction process provides very potent full spectrum extract with an undamaged terpene profile with superior characteristics of flavor and aroma. 

Our true full-spectrum oil is extracted at room temperature by proprietary process to preserve all true natural ingredients without any post processing and harmful solvents. This is the perfect oil consistency for natural high potent end products with maximum effect utilizing strain specific ingredients. At average of 80% plant remedies complex our oil provides the formulator with the complete spectrum of all the available terpenes in the plant for maximum effect enhanced by 2% terpene profile. That allows you to create unique marketing proposition. It is perfect for soft gels, tinctures, topicals, food products, spa products, vape pens, etc.

Our true live resin is derived from the plant in its most natural state at room temperature by proprietary process which preserves all true natural ingredients without any post processing and harmful solvents. This is the perfect oil consistency for natural high potent end products with strong plant oils designed for maximum effect and utilizing strain specific ingredients. The Live Resin has an average of 60% pure flower to the people’s terpene complex which provides the formulator with the complete spectrum of all the available elements in the plant and high terpene profile for maximum effect. It is perfect for food products and vape products.

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