Pure For Life™ 10 mg Dab Wax

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Pure For Life™ 10 mg Diamonds

Pure For Life offers natural raw product of highest quality extract not altered by heat

Pure For Life Diamonds is a synergistic blend of oils and terpenes mirroring the original plant

- Pure For Life products are created directly from unaltered pure plant extract

Pure For Life delivers preserved natural potency and nutritional value of the plant

Pure For Life products are extracted through low-pressure and room-temperature gentle process

Pure For Life 10 mg Diamonds are made of all natural ingredients of highest quality not altered by heat or chemicals and brings fresh pleasant smell of Lifter hemp strain. It contains up to 90% natural CBD oil and 5% gently extracted Lifter hemp terpenes. It helps localize pain and minimizes discomfort. 

Manufactured in the US using our COMERG engineered room temperature botanical extraction equipment utilizing the PURE5 Pure Botanical Extraction Technology (PBX).

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