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V-Pod 1000 Mg Cart Lifter Hash Resin™

V-Pod 1000 Mg Cart Lifter Hash Resin™


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V-Pod Lifter Hash Resin™

Made with True Hash Resin™
  •  Ultra clean, natural vapor production delivers maximum flavor and potency.
  •  Unique V-Pod Gravity Feed with Nano-Tech Ceramic Coil and large Surface Area & Improved Airflow Flow for Optimal Puff & Flavor.
  •  Each Pod Contains Approximately 80 Puffs.
  •  Easy To Fill Larger Hole, Allows Air to Escape.
  •  Magnetic Base Allows for Easy Changing Of V-Pods.
  •  316 Stainless-Steel Shrapnel Oil-Flow Passage, To Preheat the Device Under Working Mode.
  •  Bottom Wicking Hole Enables the Oil Inside the Tank to Be Fully Vaporized Without Waste
  •  Leakage Proof, Preventing Oil from Frying and Condensation Being Inhaled
  •  Works with all type of oils of varying viscosity including live resin.

V-POD includes:
1- Battery
1- Magnetic charger
1- Cartridge full with Strain Specific Hemp derived Lifter Strain Hash Resin™

– Hash Resin is a natural raw product of highest quality not altered by heat

– Hash Resinis a synergistic blend of oils and terpenes mirroring the original plant

– Hash Resin is herbal supplement eliminating toxins and providing good sleep

– Hash Resindelivers preserved natural potency and nutritional value of the plant

– Hash Resinproducts are extracted through low-pressure and room-temperature gentle process

Pure For LifeHash Resin is made of all natural ingredients of highest quality not altered by heat or chemicals and brings fresh pleasant smell of Lifter hemp strain. It contains up to 80% natural CBD oil and 10% gently extracted Lifter hemp terpenes. It helps localize pain and minimizes discomfort.

Manufactured in the US using our PURE5 engineered room temperature botanical extraction equipment utilizing the Pure Botanical Extraction Technology (PBX).


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