Pure for Life ™ and Comerg ™ with world innovation at Cannafest 2021 in Prague

Pure for Life ™ and Comerg ™ with world innovation at Cannafest 2021 in Prague

Pure for Life™ and Comerg™ with world innovation at Cannafest 2021 in Prague

Cannafest - the famous festival - the famous festival, which is attended by producers of industrial hemp, products containing hemp or produced from it and others, was held from 5th to 7th November 2021 in Prague. Cannafest brings together manufacturers, scientists and traders from around the world to share  ideas for the future of the hemp industry and its broader and stronger application in medicine, cosmetics, science, textile industry and share trade experiences.

Dr. George Stantchev is the inventor of the patented technology PURE5™ for obtaining terpene-rich natural plant extract at room temperature. His companies Comerg - for technology and Pure for life™ - for end products took an active part in the exhibition.

 Dr. Stantchev was invited as a special guest to give a lecture at the event on topic "The key to successful and cost-effective cannabis treatment"  which will be published in the next issue.

With the help of the patented technology PURE5™, presented by the company Comerg™, the complete process of extraction from plant to finished product was demonstrated directly at the festival, without decomposition of components or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Flowers were extracted at the festival and with the extract vape devices were prepared and distributed at the festival, which aroused great interest because of their natural aroma.

The festival also demonstrated technology for reducing and eliminating THC in color and extract, which is absolutely unique due to its low cost and all-natural process.

The products of the Pure for life™ brand were presented at the exhibition at a special stand and aroused great interest among visitors and traders, as they are natural CBD products with fully preserved vitality, proof of the uniqueness of the technology created by Dr. Stantchev.

Comerg sells plant extraction plants using the PURE5 method to extract "plant = extract = finished product" . It aroused worldwide interest and was quite normally one of the most visited exhibitors at Cannafest 2021.