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10pc Sample Kit

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Pure for Life is the high standard brand in hemp products manufacturing.

All products we sell are manufactured from our TRUE full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes rich extracts. As a seed to shelf operation, we can guarantee the highest quality of all our products.

  • We grow our hemp in Colorado pesticides free
  • We use our patented single-pass gentle-extraction technology which preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in the extract unaltered 
  • Each batch of all our products are third party tested  from plant to extract to final product.
  • The unmatched quality of our extracts provides you with the highest quality full-spectrum hemp products
  • All our products are formulated above the dosage advertised
  • We only use our own high-quality full-spectrum hemp extracts, we will never use isolate and other bi-products derived through post processing with toxic chemicals

We do it right, so you can build a healthy and happy customer base that comes back to you for more. When you become our partner, you can rest assure that you would receive consistently the same high quality product and great customer service every time. 

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