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PureForLife™ 1000 Mg CBD Lotion - 30 Ml Airless Bottle



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PureForLife™ 1000 Mg CBD Lotion - 30 Ml Airless Bottle

- Pure for Life CBD Lotion offers natural raw product of highest quality not altered by heat processing

- Synergetic CBD Lotion that is a blend of oils and terpenes mirroring the original plant

- Created directly from unaltered pure food-grade plant concentrate

- Pure for Life products delivers preserved natural potency and nutritional value of the plant

- CBD Extracted through low-pressure and room-temperature single-pass process

Providing more effective and faster results right where you need it. Our 30 ml (1.0 oz) topical is made of all natural ingredients and brings fresh pleasant smell of rosemary, lavender or peppermint. It helps localize and minimize discomfort. Manufactured in US using our COMERG™ engineered room temperature CBD extraction equipment and utilizing the PURE5 Pure Botanical Extraction Technology (PBX).

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